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We are a team of rational thinkers, practioners of science.We perceive science as a blessing to life thus utilizing it without exploiting.

We expect that TECHNOLOGY enhances widespead adoption of cultivated knowledge. We COMPLETE THE CIRCLE by collaborating with nerds, activists, organizations, researchers, educationalists, reporters to engage in social wellbeing. We partner them to get nothing but the best delivered to our clients Everyday, 100 % of the time.

What we stand for

Technology is not for addictive numbing. We strive for your wellbeing. Help Find fulfillment and balance in life. Cope with the problems of the pixelated world.We help the living ,face off -- the 'no filter problem'. Making you the better you.

Everyday at work we strive harder to justify you digital wellbeing.

Our Coaches are thoughtfully chosen:


Founder, Director

I am an Engineer, Computer Sc. major from Stanford University.


VP Sales

I am a Ms in buiseness management. We hope to work together.


Research scientist

I am a Phd from NIV, Pune IN - looking into Microbes and their DNA is fascinating.

Radii School of Thoughts

Our partners make it really intemidating. We love you guys for supporting us.

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